Our Services includes the following:

~  Engineers design, drawings of the required slab and relevant structural components.
~  Manufacturing of the reinforced concrete ribs according to engineers design
~  Supply and deliver of ribs, blocks and mesh to site.
~  Cut, bend and deliver of reinforcing and mesh.
~  Engineers’ inspection prior to casting of any concrete.
~  Convenience products like wide ribs and staircase slabs.
~  Collaborating with other Consulting Engineers where we manufacture slab components and reinforcing to     their specifications.

Our core business area is the Cape Peninsula with secondary areas, the Boland, West Coast and Overberg.

For the usage of a filler block, a client has two options:

Polystyrene block with the following advantages:

~  Reduce the loads onto the sub structure.
~  Easy to handle, install and rapid covering
~  Installation of services between slab and ceiling (in case of suspended ceiling)

Cement Block with the advantage of skimming directly to the soffit of the slab.